"I deeply believe in the magical power of flowers to spread joy and bring people together.

Starting from a long time ago growing up on a farm, I’ve always loved flowers and gardening. My childhood was filled with days of playing in my Aunt’s garden and clipping flowers to put in my hair.

Flowers always surrounded me even when I got a ‘grown up’ post-college job working as a wedding photographer, surrounded by sophisticated decor with the most stunning flowers from all over the world.

Sometimes the best things in life unfold without a plan. After the world almost ended because of a virus that forced us to stay home, I started gardening again and creating art with flowers. It started to light my soul on fire. 

 To pursue my dreams, I left my tech job looking for something meaningful for me.

FAIRY ROSES came from my love of creating beauty, and the satisfaction of knowing how much joy could be translated through the act of sharing flowers".